Diamond Gloss Gel Polish

Diamond Gloss

Our newest ONE STEP GEL has arrived and you’re going to love it!
Made of Natural Resin, our ONE STEP GEL requires NO Basecoat, NO Topcoat, & NO Cleansing!
PLUS! For a chemical free removal, you now have the healthy option of removing our gel easily with warm-hot water! * See details below.
Available in 100 gorgeous colors ranging from pretty pastels to gorgeous leaf glitter hues, vibrant neons & stunning cremes.
  • One Step Gel – No Basecoat, Topcoat *, or Cleansing needed.
  • Soaks-off with acetone like our normal gel polish (5 minutes or less!)
  • Soaks-Off in WARM-HOT Water! (Water must be 95-100 degrees fahrenheit & must be soaked for 15+ minutes). This option is ideal for clients who want a chemical free removal. Please Note: Diamond Gloss WILL NOT come off with normal day to day activities. Our gel is formulated to adhere to the nail like a normal long-lasting gel polish. 
  • Both LED/UV Cure | Cures in 1 min LED / 2 minutes UV
  • 0.42 fl oz | 12mL
  • Available in 100 stunning colors
Shake well before use. Prepare nails before application. For best results, cure for 1 minute with an LED lamp or 2 minutes with a UV lamp. Use 2 layers for best coverage. * Finish with a topcoat for a long-lasting shine and extra protection.
* Free of Lead, Cadmium, Antimomy, Mercury, Dissolution of Nickel & Pesticide residue *

View all 100 colors in the description box below 

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