Institute of Advanced Nailery

We believe that with education, the sky is the limit! Product knowledge, proper usage and product safety are just the beginning! Christrio offers hands-on classes and demonstrations all over the world. Classes are available at our headquarters in CA as well as Christrio academies & suppliers worldwide. Hosting a class at the location of your choice is also available with a minimum of 10 confirmed students. Classes are offered in both gels and acrylics in Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Upon completion, students will be honored with certificates for each level of classes.

Looking to take the next step? Do you dream of traveling the world, experiencing unique cultures and sharing your stories with others? Become a Christrio Educational Sales Consultant (ESC) and make a difference in the ever-growing nail industry. ESC’s may conduct classes and distribute Christrio products. Learn how to grow your own business and maximize your potential with the fulfilling career as an ESC!


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